Bandcamp Album Collaborator Revenue Split Tracker [FULL VERSION]


The full version of my spreadsheet to help fellow musicians keep track of their collaborator revenue splits for Bandcamp!


Need a high-accuracy tracker for a larger album with more collaborators? I’m happy to say you have to wait no longer! Here is a spreadsheet I made for full albums so you can calculate everyone’s split amount and pay them properly!

I have truncated the collaborator splits to 2 decimal places, meaning it will not round up. This is so it calculates more accurately and prevents the total from being more than what they display in the Bandcamp Sales section. I have also added some formulas that allow you to only input the collaborator names and percent splits once (in the Month 1 tab) – the following monthly tabs should auto-update!

This spreadsheet was made in Google Sheets but I optimized it in Microsoft Excel so it can be used with either.

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