Best Software/Freeware 2020

I figured I should finally make a new blog post talking about different software/freeware that I use for my arrangements/originals and recommend for others! Do not underestimate the quality of some of these, especially the free ones!


Spitfire Labs
Spitfire Audio is pretty well-known, and they have a FREE library called “Labs” that they continuously update and add more instruments to! I highly recommend getting this. You can learn more here.

U-he Zebralette
This one is rather interesting, as it is a free introduction to U-he’s “Zebra2” VST. It has some really cool sounds and presets that you can work with! There are also some other free VSTs available on their website.

Impact Soundworks
This company was founded by none other than zircon, who is a huge inspiration of mine for electronic music. They have freeware that include violin, chiptune, guitars, bass and cinematic drums. The only downside is that you will need the full version of Kontakt in order to use these. Find out more here!

If you want to find more free VSTs, consider reading this post. They list out a TON of options!


Acoustica Pianissimo ($19 as of 7/9/2020)
This particular piano VST has been a part of my arsenal for years now. I still use it whenever I record piano for a cover! Nowadays, I have been mixing it up a bit and using NI’s “The Grandeur” sometimes. For $19, you can’t go wrong. It sounds beautiful and you have a lot of parameters that you can tweak to get it sounding how you like. There are some demos on their website here.

XPand!2 ($14.99 as of 7/9/2020)
I have been SO impressed with this VST! I actually got this when it was on sale for $1, but even at $15 it is a steal. I continue to be amazed by the quality and how often I use this for my covers (it has SO many presets and instruments to choose from! I love it). It has become one of my go-tos for sure! I would highly suggest you make an account at PluginBoutique here and check out XPand!2 as well as all of the other plugins that are on sale (and free too)!

I’ll try to update this with more inexpensive VSTs very soon! Stay tuned~


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