Indie Game Job Postings

Imagine this: you are a huge fanatic of videogames, and you are also a creative who wants to give back to the community. You’d love to be hired or contracted to contribute to up-and-coming videogames, but finding work in this field is getting harder and harder. What do you do? How do you sell yourself? Should you email all the game companies you know in hopes of someone actually reading your message?

This is something I want to find a more permanent, reliable solution for. It should not be this difficult to get paying gigs as a composer, session musician, artist, voice actor, game dev, etc. So, what can we do?

Over the next few months, I will be curating creatives from all over into one unified space. This community will be the foundation of the videogame industry we all hope for.

In the meantime, I will post a list of indie game sites who have job openings or a “careers” page on their website. I will also include a few that have LinkedIn pages (where they might post job opportunities in the future). I hope that this list will help ease your frustrations as a prospective videogame contributor.


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